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Requirements for Published Articles

1.     Provisions for a publication of an article

  •        An article presented for publication should be a self-sufficient‚ completed research of an actual problem distinguished with inner unity and associated with elucidation of actual problems and prospective trends in philological‚ historical and philosophical sciences of international and national standards; it should possess novelty‚ contain a set goal (problem) and its solution‚ reflect principal results of exploration.
2.     Rules of Article Framing:  
  • An article is submitted in a printed variant and on an electronic vehicle (e-mail or disc) in Microsoft Word A4 format; print- Times New Roman 14; interval between lines
  • – one and a half; formatting; by width; margins- 20 mm. Volume of an article: up to 15 pages;  for post-graduates and claimants for scientific degree; authors with scientific degree‚ candidate and doctoral ones being included into this rule as well.  
  • -an article is bound to be supplemented with a resume of the volume mustering words in the range of 100-250‚ it should reflect a gyst of the article and results of the research and be supplied with 5-7 key words or word-combination;  
  • - there should be footnotes pointing to the literature used framed in accordance with the list of publication the author resorted to (in square brackets);  
  • - the list of the publications in question should be framed in alphabetic order with an obligatory indication of bibliographical data of the original;  
  • - the article is bound to be supplemented with information about the author (authors):family name‚ first mane‚ patronymic (in full formulation)‚ scientific degree‚ scientific title‚ job position‚ place of job (place of studies or attachment for claiming scientific degree‚ contact telephones‚ e-mail‚ post-index and address in Russian and English;
  •  - the text of an article should be thoroughly verified and signed by the author who bears responsibility for a scientific-theoretical standard of the material published.
3.     Covering Papers to an Article: